colette x Super Motor Scooter

colette and Super Motor Company have teamed up to create a special colette version of their Super 50/100 motorcycle.
It’s distinctive colette blue en white color scheme has been stretched to an extreme, by replacing every chrome part with a fresh coat of gloss white, resembling a 70´s cool mint ad shot.
The Super Motor Company is a Dutch start-up by two petrol veined cousins who got bored of their fast and subsequently expensive motorcycles. The time was right for a new, affordable and easy on the eye motorcycle with a touch of yesteryear. They decided to take the plunge to design and produce it themselves – Super Motor Company was born. The Super motorcycle is a semi automatic four-stroke which is technically based on a so called step-through motorcycle, also known as a Cub.
This beauty will be shown and sold at colette in Paris from May 23rd.

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