Video: Beyonce In Blackface For L’Officiel Magazine

The creative world’s fascination with blackface continues, this time the twist being its application to a black woman’s face, that being the one belonging to Beyonce. Further irony applies because Beyonce has frequently been accused of lightening her skin so I imagine she must have had some fun turning that equation on its head! Skin color still matters deeply and I imagine until Martin’s dream comes true, this hot button will continue to be pressed. In the meantime, the shoot is beautiful and the hair, clothes and accessories are amazing! And according the mag, this is an anniversary issue with Beyonce’s editorial titled “African Queen,” which also is meant to pay homage to singer Fela Kuti. Funnily enough the copy points out that her face was “voluntarily darkened.” As if ole Bee would let anyone within ten feet of her face, pulling some makeup stunt she hadn’t completely signed off on and approved thoroughly. Via NB.

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